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Updates in Version 1.02

1.  All your entries can now be categorized in any manner you like.  You can think of a category in the traditional sense or you may consider it a tag.  Whatever method you want to use is acceptable.

In Figure 1 you see the form for adding a category.  The Category No is automatically generated for you.  Just start typing in the Category Description.

2.  Many of the forms now account for the additional Category information that you can incorporate.

In Figure 2 you see “Category No:” followed by the number 000001. 

You are allowed up to 999,999 categories.

The Plus Sign ( + ) is for adding new categories.  Clicking on it will show the form in Figure 1 above.

To pick a category simply click in the space where you see 000001.  Note, if you see nothing, as might be the case when you’re adding a new entry, you still click on the space to bring up a full list of the categories available.

3.  The enlarged view has been modified to allow for various functions associated with Record Processing, Printing, showing Related Forms and Executing Programs.  They are easily identified by a frame around their function.


Figure 1 - Adding a new category.


Figure 2 - Categorize your entry.


The Record Processing Frame allows you to either add entries to your database or edit the entries you already have online.

Related Forms:  Adding Entries or Entry Details



Printing Frame allows you to run various reports that are available.

Print List - prints your entire list.

Category List - prints the categories you have online

Category Contents - prints the specific entries that are within a given category.



The Related Forms Frame Similar to the the previous version, the view list produces a form as you see by clicking on this link.

Show Category Information provides detailed information  as shown below.


Execute Frame Record This frame houses all the execution functions i.e. either run a program or visit a website.

Related Forms:  Run Program or Visit Website.


4.  The Category Browse Form.

This form allows you to see all the related items that are placed in the category you define.  In Figure 3 below, we have defined a category called Operating System Program.  Contained within this category are two entries called Notepad and Calculator.  Both of these programs come with your operating system and are probably in the path you see below labeled “PATH TO PROGRAM”.  If your operating system has a different path then you can edit the entry.  Here’s how to edit your entry.


Figure 3 - Items in Your Category.

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HTML Code Check
Now you can test your programs code for balanced pairs of tags.  Works with html, asp, php or any program code saved in standard ascii format.

Command Contol
Helps you clean up your desktop by taking your desktop “target” links and placing them in a database.  You can run your programs by merely clicking a single button.

Command Control also works with website url’s (web addresses).

Latest enhancement allows the categorizing of all your entries.



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Herbs and Spices
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Eating Healthy
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