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Entry Details
From the Main Control Panel Window.

There are times when you might want to change some of the details for your Command Control entries.  For instance, you find a better web site address that might fit your purposes better.

You can change any of the information you have online for any record you input!

In the form shown below, you see that you can manipulate the records in several ways.  The graphic directly below shows what can be done.


You can delete an entry, cancel an edit or save the information you just modified.

To change information that is already online click btnEntryDetailson the button labeled Entry Details.  This will show the specifics of whatever record is highlighted in the Command Control Opening Window.

When this window opens, the Title entry is highlighted.  To change the Title just start typing.

To change any other information simply click on the item you want to change and then type in the new information.

btnExploreYou can optionally click the button labeled Explore, shown in the graphic to the left.  This activates Explorer.  Then search for your program.


Note:  This form has changed.  To see the new version click on What’s New.

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HTML Code Check
Now you can test your programs code for balanced pairs of tags.  Works with html, asp, php or any program code saved in standard ascii format.

Command Contol
Helps you clean up your desktop by taking your desktop “target” links and placing them in a database.  You can run your programs by merely clicking a single button.

Command Control also works with website url’s (web addresses).

Latest enhancement allows the categorizing of all your entries.



Circulating a Petition
It is the right of every American to petition government, be it local, state or federal government.  It is called the Petition Clause to the First Amendment.  Learn how to apply your rights with this free report that illustrates by example, how to get capital improvement monies to get your community improved.

How to Get on the Ballot
This is not the theoretical approach to the subject but the actual method Wayne Strnad used to get on the ballot in 5 elections - two elections for alderman and 3 elections for State of Illinois, State Representative.

Introductory Algebra
by Wayne Strnad

This is a complete course in learning Algebra.  It includes 10 Chapters on the subject, thousands of examples with solutions, and self-check tests along the way.

The Learner Center
Although still under development it is a point that many start to learn the how to’s and ins-and-outs of doing things.

Learn good skills and professional practices in one of the fastest growing areas of study.


Database FREE Access

Herbs and Spices
This is a database containing all the herbs and spices you can use on a daily basis.  It provides important information such as the benefits and uses.  Recipes are being updated constantly.  There is a cross reference section that leads to other, well established, websites.

Eating Healthy
This database has both recipes and articles that we receive from outside sources.  You will be able to see and try any of the recipes that are online.  You can optionally print out any recipes you like.

It is not uncommon for us to receive information from various sources in the United States as well as abroad.  You can see a wide variety of news items by clicking on the News link.